fun outdoor senior portrait in Berkeley area

Thanks so much for booking your senior portrait session with me! In case you landed here first, you can see an overview of my Bay Area Senior Portrait Sessions here. If you're already booked, here are some tips to help you prepare - and as always, feel free to send any questions my way!

What to expect at your session with ME.

No stiff or stuffy posing--or sitting around bored at my sessions! I will keep you on the move throughout your session, as we literally chase the light! 😀 And possibly climb a few trees ... boulders ... and go on fun photo adventure to create your one-of-a-kind senior portraits!

Here are three important things I need to make sure you understand before our shoot:

1. Your session is timed for the best natural lighting at our location on your date, and that light -- and where it falls -- will be changing throughout our time together. That's why you'll also want to ARRIVE EARLY and be ready to jump into action so we don't miss a minute of our shooting time!

2. Shooting time is also between YOU AND I, no audience of family members or friends tagging along to watch, and no paparazzi taking extra photos during our session (written into our session agreement). So any parent or friend who escorts you is welcome to bring a book, walk the dog, or otherwise entertain themselves during our session (I know that nobody likes to feel "watched" while having their photos taken!).

3. Also, please don't bring anything extra (or valuable!) that you don't plan to use in your photographs to help streamline your session (and avoid unnecessary schlepping). If you're session includes outfit changes, we'll have the pop-up changing tent set up, where you'll be able to leave your extra clothing.

Tips for deciding what to wear for your Senior Portraits

Feelin' Good = Lookin' Good.

The most important thing to keep in mind in deciding what to wear for your senior portraits is choosing clothing you feel GOOD in! Make sure your clothing is fuss-free (bra straps won't be constantly showing or buttons pulling apart when you move your arms) and comfortable to move in -- you'll be moving a lot in your session with me!

No Words for You.

It's always wise to avoid clothing with WORDS or big, distracting logos when having portraits taken. Those words will takeover your photo, and can also do strange things as you move around and turn at different angles to the camera. (Um, WHAT does that shirt say?!)

The exception to this is if you have a jacket or sweatshirt that has extra special sentimental value to you, especially during your senior year. Then I'd love you to send me a photo and tell me more about what it means to you and why you're considering it for your photos!

Layer for an Extra Look.

For Senior Mini Sessions with one outfit, you might like to think about adding a layer, which can create a whole extra look in a flash when you simply shed a jacket, for example. As always, feel free to shoot me a photo of what you're considering or deciding between if you'd like my feedback. I love to help (more on that below).

What About Fancy Shoes?

Like I said, we'll be on the move! But if you have a favorite pair of dressy, heeled, or shoes you'd like to wear that weren't built for climbing on rocks or traversing soggy lawns (I'm looking at you, heels), by all means bring them!  Just be sure you have another pair that will be easy to slip on and off if needed when we're getting to that sweet next photo spot!

Glasses - I've Got My Eye on You.

If you wear glasses, please let me know ahead of time if you plan to wear them all of the time, some of the time, or none of the time for your session photos. If you plan to have them off in some photos, you'll want to make sure you start that way to avoid any extra marks when you first take them off.

Also, please do not wear solar-sensing glasses (which darken in bright light) to your session if at all possible. If it's not possible to wear an alternative pair, please let me know so I can plan accordingly.

Send Me Photos Ahead of Time!

I know, I'M supposed to be the photographer here, but it can be very helpful in my planning to know ahead of time what you'll be wearing so I can start planning for the best locations to capture you in, and which order we might shoot where. Also, if you're on  the fence AT ALL about some outfits, I'm more than happy to take a look and offer some feedback that might help you decide.

You can put your outfit(s) together on a bed or on the floor to get a picture, or have someone get a snapshot of you wearing the clothing (head to toe please) and email them to me at least a few days ahead if possible.

glamourous senior portrait outdoors near Berkeley

What to expect after your session

Two to three weeks after your session, you'll receive the link and password to your online gallery. You'll be able to view all the best photos from your session, mark your favorites (parents can also track their own favorites separately), compare side by side, and help narrow down your favorite photos to choose for your package.

Your gallery will be online for a full 60 days, so you can revisit as often as you like, and you'll have access to my Senior Price List with print packages, additional photo items, and digital packages you can order separately if you would like.

I look forward to your Senior Portrait Session!

For more tips and helpful reminders as you (busy senior!) get ready in the 1-2 days before your photo session, see Checklist for Your Senior Portrait Session. I'll see you soon!

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