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Family & Senior Portrait Gallery Help Guide

Using + Sharing Your Gallery, Purchasing Portraits, and digital downloads

online family photo gallery by Shelly Rivoli Photography

Here are some helpful tips and how-to videos to guide you through navigating your portrait gallery and ordering printed products and/or digitals from your gallery.

Top tips to remember for your gallery (start here!):

  • Place orders from a regular computer or laptop--not using the phone app (it's buggy).
  • Start "favoriting" the photos that move you most immediately!
  • Watch the how-to video included in the individual product windows for tips on ordering each type.
  • Don't sweat the cropping warning prompts for prints -- I'll be checking everything with an eagle eye before I send to my lab.
  • Do not check the "Unsubscribe" box at the bottom of your gallery emails -- this will prevent you from getting important emails about your orders and gallery (completely separate from my VIP email marketing list).
  • Remember all purchased downloads must be downloaded and credits toward products used before your gallery expires.

See below for more helpful tips on using and sharing your gallery, downloading digital purchases, ordering prints and printed products, and more.

Navigating & sharing your online portrait gallery

Here's a quick overview of how to get started with your gallery, including how to view and favorite photos, and share your gallery with friends and family.

If you've purchased a package including a set number of digital downloads, you'll be able to download your chosen photos directly as shown here.

Shopping with help from your favorites

Tagging your favorite photos makes it easy to see how they would look in printed products and to order them as prints or digitals. Here's a quick look at how:

Ordering prints & custom framed prints

In your Gallery Store, you'll see options to purchase prints (flat/unmounted/unframed) and matted, solid-wood framed prints. These videos show how to select which prints and sizes you'd like, and how to adjust cropping. For framed prints (2nd video below), you'll also see how you can "visualize" your print in different size frames and matting.

Purchasing a Digital Portrait Package

This quick video shows you how to choose a digital portrait package from your Gallery Store, select the digitals you wish to purchase, and receive your download. (TIP: For fastest delivery, order digitals separately from print products, which may require more time for final processing and approval.)

Downloading Session-Inclusive Digitals

If your photo session included a select number of digitals (eg. Senior Portrait Package or other special offer seasonal package), your client login will give you access to download this number of photos directly from your gallery.

Be sure to download the HIGH-RESOLUTION version of each photo you select to use in any prints or gift products you create on your own.

For WEB-SIZE downloads (easiest to share online and use in profile pics), I recommend creating a clearly separate folder labeled as such and adding a prefix such as WEB to your filenames to avoid any confusion between the two.

Here is a quick video to show you this download process for your session-inclusive digitals: