Get ready to order checklist!

Here are 6 important things to remember when you’re ready to place your portrait order from your Gallery Store.

  1. Be sure to make your final selections and place your order on a regular computer – NOT on a phone. (In theory you can do this, but the app can get buggy during this process.)

2. Use your “Favorites” view to help make ordering easy. When you choose any product to order, you’ll be able to scroll down and view your favorites in that product window.

3. If you’re having “how-to questions” about any of the products in the Gallery Store, look for the video help guide icon in the product description window. Here is what it looks like when the Lay Flat Albums product is selected.

4. Cropping ratios will be different for different sizes of prints and wall art. Your photos (with rare exception) are shown at a 4 x 6 ratio, which means that printed as a traditional 8 x 10 or 16 x 20 some of the image will be cropped off on the long side. For photos with important detail near the edges, you may need to choose a ratio to match such as the 8 x 12 or 16 x 24 to avoid losing those details. You’ll be able to see how your photos appear when choosing between different sizes. I will also double-check all of your crops to make sure everything looks great before I send your order to the lab!

5. USE ANY COUPON CODES AND CREDITS AT CHECK OUT! Don't forget to enter that code - this is the time! 😉

6. For digital packages, downloading the HIGH-RES FULL-SIZE photo files - these are very large print files and they will first be “prepped” before delivery to you, so this will take a little time. You will receive an email when they are ready for you to download (it may be 3 hours for large galleries).

You will be shown options to download directly to 1) Your computer, 2) Dropbox, or 3) Google Photos by choosing the option when you see it.

In addition, you will be able to download "web-size" versions as well, which I recommend saving to a CLEARLY LABELED as "web-size" photo folder for your reference (don't use these for printing). Please enjoy sharing away these purchased photos with your friends and family online and every tag/shout out for @shellyrivoliphotography is greatly appreciated! 😉

Any questions at all? Please send me a note to and I will answer as quickly as I'm able!

Thanks so much for trusting me to document your this important moment in your lives!