Family Photography with a view of San Francisco Bay

When photographing a family in the golden hour, there are no guarantees what kind of show the sun may — or may not — put on as it slips into its final act. But sometimes, like this during this recent family photo shoot, you get lucky.

extended family photography with a view of San Francisco Bay

I have a favorite location in the hills where I love to photograph families on days with interesting skies. In addition to a variety of natural backgrounds and terrain, there is a wide view over San Francisco Bay — with lots and lots of sky. 😉

When conditions are right, it’s possible to catch the light shining on the water of the Bay. And possibly glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz, or the subtle San Francisco Skyline in the backgrounds as well.

photo of husband and wife at sunset with San Francisco Bay

For those of us who enjoy these views on our daily rounds through the geographical highs and lows of El Cerrito, Albany, and the Berkeley Hills areas, it looks like home.

But when the sun decides to paint the sky with its magical hues? Even more fun photo opportunities arise as we wrap up a Family Signature Photo Session like this!

family photo of sisters with view of San Francisco Bay

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