Are you ready for your closeup?!

Here is a list of things to check as you count down to your senior portrait session.

graduation announcment senior portrait Fingernail inspection – Chances are excellent your hands will be in many photos. Be sure to tidy up those nails of any snaggled edges and chipped or worn paint.

Thread check – Look over your outfit(s) closely and check for loose threads along the edges of your garments that may show against your skin or a different colored layer.

Underwear check – Yes, seriously! Remember these are not sit-still-and-smile sessions. Take a 360-degree look to make sure nothing’s showing through or hanging out of your chosen outfit(s) that you don’t want to have immortalized on your graduation announcements or in that big, beautiful portrait hanging on the living room wall. Make sure undergarments in general are not showing through–unless it’s intentional. Check BRA STRAPS especially by moving around in front of your mirror (remember, we’ll be moving A LOT!) and seeing if you need to go with a strapless or use pins/safety pins to help keep them in place and out of view. JoAnn’s also has a number of helpful strap connectors and other products to help in this department.

Hair check – Will your eyes be free and clear of any overgrown (or out-growing) bangs? Time for some fresh ends or a fresh trim before your close up?

Press check – Are your clothes free from wrinkles and puckers? Even the basic T-shirt photographs much better (and looks much more flattering) when it’s had a quick visit from the iron.

Glasses check – Make sure your glasses are sparkling clean and clear, and remember to trade-out Transitions or light-sensing for non-darkening glasses if at all possible.

Pet hair check – If you have a furry friend at home, be sure to check for pet hair on your outfit(s) and use a sticky roller if needed. And DON’T sit on the furniture in your outfit(s) afterward! 😉 (Says one who lives with and loves animals!)

Footwear check – Make sure your well-loved shoes are picture ready. Use a damp cloth to help get off any dust or dirty streaks, and give them a fresh coat of polish (or even new laces) if appropriate!

And before you head out the door…

Insect repellent – For evening photo shoots, I strongly recommend spritzing some insect repellent before you come to the shoot. Even in a dry year like this, those skeeters can surprise us sometimes and we don’t want them stealing your thunder!

Smile check – food can be sneaky (trust your photographer on this). Take a super close look and don’t plan to snack on the way to your session. 😉 But by all means bring a snack to eat on the way home!

I look forward to seeing you SOON!


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