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Authentic Kids Portraits

Authentic Kids Portraits

by Shelly Rivoli

What are Authentic Kids Portraits™? Some people will tell you that you'll know 'em when you see 'em.

But for now, you can think of them as an elevated alternative to traditional school pictures for children from preschool through high school living in the greater Berkeley / El Cerrito region of the Bay Area.

And, as most of my subjects tell me, they’re way more fun. Here are just a few reasons why you might prefer my portraits, too.

young girl wearing butterfly wings in photo portrait
My Authentic Kids Portraits are taken outdoors in natural lighting.

why parents love my kids portraits:

  • You'll have a variety of authentic expressions to choose from in both color and black and white versions.
  • At my private (non-school) events, you'll have the opportunity to overlap siblings for a few photos together when you book consecutive time slots.
  • You can view, favorite, and order through your child's private online gallery.
  • You can order high-resolution digital images with instant delivery (with photographer's print release to create your own prints, cards, or photo gifts where you like).
  • You can order the same premium, archival-grade prints available through my standard studio price lists (and pro lab) with significant discounts I can only offer through school groups and special events (print packages and high-res digitals start at $40!).
Siblings can overlap for photos together and apart at my non-school children's portrait events.

How to Book authentic Kids portraits:

  • Arrange for portraits at your school or preschool - For preschools and student groups of 12 or more kids, contact me to arrange an event at your school or venue.
  • Get invited to a portrait event! Seasonal private Authentic Kids Portrait events are open to VIP mailing list members by invitation. Sign up for my mailing list if you'd like to be included!
  • Host your own Authentic Kids Portrait event for 12 or more children. Limited to the El Cerrito/Berkeley East Bay region. Contact me to discuss possibilities and location.

What should my child wear?

  • In general avoid shirts with bold graphics and WORDS that can distract or read weirdly as your child moves around during photos or where the photo crops.
  • Clothing in solid colors or with subtle patterns are usually the best bet, though an all black top is not recommended with the black backdrop for portraits.
  • Neon/flourescent colors can reflect on the complexion in portraits, so avoid!
  • Also, for kiddos with long enough hair, I recommend wearing it down rather than pulled back (ponytail, etc.).

When will we get our pictures?

Digital images are delivered instantly. Printed photos are delivered to schools or shipped to individual purchasers approximately two weeks from the order due date.